Do You Even Clone, Bro

The comprehensive idea of cloning humans and other creatures is constantly discussed about. With recent developments in science, this is becoming an extremely hot topic. Cloning animals and other objects has been around for quite some time. This topic is not where the main controversy stems from. The leading problem is the ethical decision behind whether or not it is morally and ethically sound to clone a human being. Imagine for a couple of seconds if you were cloned. All of the unique traits and features would no longer be unique. Everything special about a person would be immediately wiped away. While cloning is an insane idea and it blows my mind the technology that is it out, I personally think that humans should not be cloned. Would those clones have souls?It is impossible to know how the clone would act. People are who they are, and they should have the right to say and feel the way desired. Cloning could result in almost everyone’s thoughts and feelings being controlled. Cloning could be used for the greater good. If somehow scientists were able to clone food and produce food for the hungry. While it is a fascinating idea, humans should not be duplicated, but other items that could help people should be allowed.






Technology is constantly taking leaps every year. Thinking back on what technology was ten years, it is mind blowing how quickly it has been advanced in such little time. With this constant advancement, bioethics is extremely controversial. Ethics does play a significant role in the insanely high rate of invention and progression in science. With the progress in the ability to design the child. There is also a large audience opposed to abortion procedures and stem cell splitting and morphing. Specific groups of people are extremely passionate about their beliefs in these categories which is causing a division between people, and ruining relationships. People are being judged for their beliefs on the topic, and that is not morally profitable in any way. I personally am blessed by technology. It has made a huge impact on my life. My closest friends I’ve met through gaming and I would not trade those experiences or people I have met for the world. However gaming and that group of technology is different from scientific progression. Gaming does not really affect the way people are born or if they are born. I think people should be cautious of the booming progression in science and research.




Sublime nature is a recurring idea in the book Frankenstein. Nature is an emotionally, and mentally thought provoking thing created by God in this world. This is also a relevant idea in the book. Victor visits these outstanding visually locations for many different reason. A probable reason is he inspired deeply by the idea of creating a living and human-like life form. Sublime is often described as awe-inspiring. Victor Frankenstein ventures to these awe-inspiring destinations to be inspired in his area of creation of his monster. Another reason is Victor’s life is really messed up. He knew what he wanted, but then realized he did not want that. He has lost all of his loved ones. Victor needs healing and there is an idea behind Sublime nature which suggests the gorgeous places bring healing to people. Ice is a genius motif in the book. When people are frozen in ice, they are trapped. Not only are people trapped, people are cold and chilly.  This motif explains a lot behind the ideas of Victor and his monster. Both are cold and trapped, which are both effects of ice. I personally believe that nature does have power. However, I see the beauty that God has done, not just the beauty.




Both Victor and his monster are extremely ambitious to the point of obsession. Victor is ambitious about creating life. He is obsessed with the study of how life functions. Another ambition he has later in the story is constantly searching and being on the lookout for Mo. He wants revenge on Mo for ruining his life. He is salty that his creation has killed everyone that he has cared about or had a personal relationship with. Frankenstein’s monster is ambitious of getting revenge on the human race which is a result from his greater desire to have someone that cares about him and is in his life. After all the incidents that have happened to Mo, his greatest desire is for Victor to create another monster for himself. Mo’s obsession drives him to murder people in person and inadvertently end lives. Both Victor and Mo’s ambitions have resulted in death. Victor has lost everyone he has ever cared about in his entire life. While Mo’s ambitions have created all of the deaths of Victor’s loved ones. The irony behind all of this drama is Victor essentially created his own sorrowful life that was a result from his ambition. He desired to create life, that was his goal. Once he created life, the object he created destroyed his life. Not only did Victor ruin his life, he ruined Mo’s.



Ethical Dilemma

Mo requests Victor Frankenstein to create another creature similar to him in order that he will have a mate and some to love. There are two clear defining sides to the argument. Mo sees the love and experience that comes from a romantic relationship, which he desires. He feels at ultimate time low with loneliness. He expects someone created as he was to fill the hole of loneliness and jealousy.  It is nearly impossible to sympathize with the pain Frankenstein’s monster is going but it comes down to whether or not it is morally correct to create another monster. Victor has witnessed the destruction Mo has created resulting in him not wanting to create another. He has seen what one of his monsters has done, two could lead to mass destruction. Personally I think Victor should create a second monster for Mo. The reason Mo acts violently is because of the way he has been treated. All he has ever been taught or shown is violence. If the second monster was created to love, comfort and be Mo’s best friend Victor should create it. Victor created this problem for his monster by creating him originally. He has an obligation to the monster and he owes the creature something for abandoning him.


Nature VS Nurture

Mo or Frankenstein’s monster learns a substantial amount of information about life through the DeLacey family. The first major fact he learns is the role of each person in a family and the life of a family. He observes through his dwelling place how the family interacts with each other. Mo understands the role of the father, the job the mother has to her children. Through his somewhat stalking he also realizes the unity required to reach a common goal. The DeLacey family was extremely crucial for Frankenstein’s monster to comprehend the way a healthy human relationship or family interacts with one another. From his immediate coming to life, Mo was abandoned. There is a difference between wanting some free time to yourself and being abandoned. It is an internal battle to feel as if no one wants you at all. The creature understands through his observations that humans interact except no one desire to interact with him. I personally sympathize with Mo and understand his violent actions. It makes complete sense for him to hate all humans with a passion. There were no humans that wanted a relationship with him. Sometimes for people to show the love they have to offer, they have to be loved first, and Frankenstein’s creature has not experienced that unique love. Mo descent to such a violent wrath is a result of nurture. The way he had been treated led him to showing vengeful actions to other humans. He was not born to be a murderer, but he was nurtured up to be one. An intelligent philosopher named John Locke believed that a life form learned from experiences and could be completely changed by them. His belief is completely accurate with Mo. If he would have been treated with love and compassion, it is highly unlikely for him to act violently.